Post Beta 7.6

Current Version can be found here.
Catty (Beta 8.1)

Post Beta 8.1

Catty was revealed on Undercard's Twitter page before her release in the upcoming update, Beta 7.6, alongside MTT Fountain and Sad Dragon.

Her ability was that whenever you played a card while she was on the board, you would gain 1G and draw a new card, making her ability simmilar to Bravery's passive effect.

Beta 8.1 nerfed that by only having her effect take place whenever you play a monster. This means Spells don't trigger the effect anymore, but monsters spawn from cards like Igloo or Lamp will. Beta 10.2 nerfed her effect again by only making you draw a card, so no longer gain gold.

Beta 14.0 nerfed her again, this time by lowering her ATK from 5 to 4. (This makes her match up with Bratty again, whose HP was dropped from 5 to 4 in Beta 13.1.)


Catty (Beta 10.2)

Post Beta 10.2


  • 5 (Post Beta 7.6)
  • 4 (Post Beta 14.0, Current)

HP: 6

Cost: 7


  • Gain 1 gold and draw a card whenever you play a card.
    • (Post Beta 7.6)
  • Gain 1 gold and draw a card whenever you summon a monster.
    • (Post Beta 8.1)
  • Draw a card whenever you summon a monster.
    • (Post Beta 10.2, Current)

Rarity: Purple (Epic)

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