Rarities are split up into five tiers. In order of increasing tier and lower chance to receive are: Common (white), Rare (blue), Epic (purple), Legendary (gold) and Determination (red).

Cards with the rarity 'Determination', reserved for characters strongly linked with Determination. These are the hardest cards to get typically received by expert players (LV 40+) who reach rank 0 in the leaderboards. With the rework of ranked, in season 7, DT Fragments were created to craft DT's...2 for normal and 4 for shiny. DT cards are represented by the red colour heart on the bottom centre of a card.

Final packs are also another way to obtain DT cards but the only way to get it (as of Beta 10.3) is a final pack for reaching level 200...Final packs give a guaranteed rare,epic,legendary,and DT card.

These cards are banned in ranked mode.

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