Nacarat Jester

An example of a monster card. The Nacarat Jester has 5 attack, 3 health, and cost 5 gold to deploy, its rarity is 'Rare'. It also has the ability silence, which in this case is a Battlecry, meaning it will silence something of your choosing when placed.

Cards are the main feature of Undercards. There are two types of cards; Effect Cards, and Board Cards. Effect Cards are cards which when used do not have a physical presence on the board, where as Board Cards are placed on the board. Most cards are Board Cards, these themselves can have various abilities which go under Magic which activates upon placement (or at the end of the turn for garbage), Dust that activates upon death, Taunt which makes the player have to destroy the Taunt Card first, Charge and Haste which allows the player to use the card to attack immediately after placement (but not the player if it is haste) and Future which completes an action in X number of turns. There are also those which don't go under these categories, these cards require a certain action be met besides being placed or destroyed.
Shiny Asriel Dreemurr

An example of a shiny/gold version of a regular card, in this case, an older version of Asriel Dremurr.

A card has three main stats, its attack in red, health in green and cost to deploy on the board in white. With the exception of Effect Cards which just have an ability, and cost. A picture of the character or object in question is displayed in the top centre portion of the card and their ability in the lower central portion. Cards also have a rarity, for example a white heart on the card means it is common, blue is rare, purple- epic, yellow- legendary and red Determination. There is also a shiny/gold version of every card. This doesn't have different stats, however can be disenchanted for more dust than its usual counterpart as it is a rarer version of the original card. Shiny/gold cards can be distinguished by the rainbow color replacing white areas of the normal version of the card. The rarer a card gets the higher the chances of you receiving the shiny variation. You can also craft shiny cards for an exorbitant amount of dust. Characters in cards are not limited to those you fight in Undertale. For example, Burgerpants has his own card yet you can't fight him in game.

Below is a list of all cards found in undercards, a link will bring you to a another page with greater detail on the card such as tactics for their use and clauses that may not be obvious at first. Currently there are 126 cards in game excluding cards summoned by other cards.

Press ctrl+f on PC to search for a specific card

Replaced/Decommissioned Cards:


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