CHAA is married to chara.dreemurr

CHAA is an UNDERCARDS meme originally made by NightmareAsriel. CHAA is like Chara, but better. CHAA is married to Chara.Dreemurr, a helpless streamer who unwillingly became part of Undercards' second meme. CHAA's last name is PINEAPPLE, as stated by CHAA themselves. CHAA revealed to be later a user named ████.


CHAA has since been cloned an unknown times. But there are two known clones. One being CHAA2, which argues all the time with CHAA, which later being defeated by Mewleon as a bet to see who CHAA2 really is, if Mewleon won. Mewleon defeated the imposter and revealed to be squidterd29, a local contributor.The other clone being CHAA6666, a mutated, distorted clone whose real "identity" is unknown.


Later the bandwagon seems to have died down as the next day (4/17/17) no or little remarks or mentions about the mysterious CHAA had been made since.

But, a horrible user named UnderlustFlowey made another poorly drawn meme that day. The first (and hopefully last, jk its not) CHAA comic:


The first CHAA comic(?). UnderlustFlowey spent way too much time on it.

(Totally not edited by Mewleon)


CHAA fanart courtesy of UnderlustFlowey's unrivaled MSPaint skillz

CHAA x Chara

CHAA fanart except betterer

And what's worse is that UnderlustFlowey keeps making these horrible memes. I'm sorry.

That night, during the CHAA summoning, a user named Assgore Drummer spoke in AESTHETIC text, summoning the Moderater Soulicide's wrath. Soulicide gave Assgore a 1 minute ban, giving him the idea for another CHAA comic (sadly).

Soulicide vs El Asgoro