Bunbun is one of the 14 new cards added in Beta 7.6. The Bun that it summons is one, too. Previous Versions can be found here. Previous Versions of the Bun can be found here.

Bunbun is a very good card, despite it's appearence. When placed, it will summon a Bun.

The Bun is not something to brag about in terms of stats. It's a free 1/1 monster, same as Tiny Froggit.

However, unlike Tiny Froggit, Bun has a Dust Effect what makes Bunbun so good. As when Bun dies, any Bunbun you have on the field will get +4 ATK. This works VERY well with more Bunbuns, as it may get up to 11 attack just with 2 buns.

Bun (Beta 14.0)

Note: It used to cost 1G, but was changed to 0G undocumented.

This makes Bunbun very good in multiple decks for different reasons.

  • Integrity: You can get more Bun's by using Break and/or Cloning on your Bunbun's.
  • Bravery: You can place 2 Bunbun's to gain a full board. And if you use Final Charge to make the Bun's attack the enemy monsters to kill them, both your Bunbun's will get +8 ATK, for a total of 11 ATK each.
  • Kindness: Bun can increase Bunbun's ATK, and you can increase it's HP with your Spells. This gives Bunbun stats simmilar to Royal Guard 1.

This card works very well with Golden Flowers.

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