Post Beta 7.6

Bratty was added in Beta 7.6. Current Version can be found here .

Bratty (Beta 11.0)

Post Beta 11.0

Bratty originally revealed the enemy's hand as well as increasing their cost by 1. This was helpful as it could show you cards you might want to copy with Echo Flower.

Beta 11.0 nerfed it by just increasing the cost of the cards by 1, making Bratty the opposide of Lesser Dog. Beta 13.1 nerfed her a bit again by lowering her HP from 5 to 4.


ATK: 6


  • 5 (Post Beta 7.6)
  • 4 (Post Beta 13.1, Current)

Cost: 7


  • Magic: Reveal and give +1 cost to the enemy's hand.
    • (Post Beta 7.6)
  • Magic: Give +1 cost to the enemy's hand.
    • (Post Beta 11.0, Current)

Rarity: Purple (Epic)

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