Blue Laser

Post Beta 6.6

Current Version can be found here.

Blue Laser (Beta 12.1)

Post Beta 12.1

Blue Laser was added in Beta 6.6. Its first change happened in Beta 12.1, where its ATK was buffed from 0 to 1. As a result, it will not die instantly from Madjick. Orange Laser got the same change.

Beta 20.0 changed Blue Laser up without changing up Orange Laser, though, by dropping its HP by 1 but leaving Orange Laser unchanged.



  • 0 (Post Beta 6.6)
  • 1 (Post Beta 12.1, Current)


  • 8 (Post Beta 6.6)
  • 7 (Post Beta 20.0, Current)

Cost: 4

Ability: Deal 1 damage to an attacking enemy monster.

Rarity: White (Common)