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Card Skin (Asriel)

Happy Goat

Asriel is a pretty good card with solid stats of 4/4 for a 5G monster and the ability to remove all negative effects from your other monsters, such as KR, Paralyze and Silence, making Asriel good against Perseverance and Patience. He will also restore 2 HP to those monsters at the end of your turn, but only once, similar to the effects of those like Garbage and Burgerpants.

Card Skin (Asriel) 2

Timid Asriel

Asriel is also extremely good after the opponent has used Toriel, because it will return your other monsters' ATK back to normal, but keep their Taunt.

Card Skins:

  • Happy Goat (by Moonlightring)
  • Timid Asriel (by Darky)


  • When it got reworked in Beta 20.0, the description forgot to include "Magic:" and used the old "at the end of the turn," instead of "End of turn:".
  • Beta 21.1 gave it an updated image.