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Asgore Updated(ed)
Card Skin (Asgore)

Stay Determined

Asgore is a fairly expensive monster, so be prepared to save up and have cheaper cards in your deck if you wish to use him.

Card Skin (Asgore) 2

No Mercy


When placed, Asgore kills all enemy monsters that are injured, as such pairing him with a card like Woshua or Undyne is very useful as they will likely injure all enemies on the field when placed.

Card Skin (Asgore) 3

Sad Tea

This card is particularly good in the Determination and Justice Decks with Same Fate and Strafe respectively, dealing damage to all enemy monsters.
Undertale Ost- 077 - ASGORE

Undertale Ost- 077 - ASGORE

It plays at around 0:08 - 0:16 and 0:25 - 0:33


Cards like Mad Dummy, Sans, or Ice Cap will not typically get affected by Asgore.

Card Skins:

  • Stay Determined (by Darky)
  • No Mercy (by CoreSilence)
  • Sad Tea (by Moonlightring)


  • This has the same ATK and HP as Toriel, since both of them have 80 ATK and 80 DEF in Undertale.