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Another Chance is a Determination deck specific effect card.

Using this will give a monster of your choice the ability to be resurrected with -2/-2 upon death, making it work like a single use of The Heroine's ability. This effect will wear of once the monster has died (and gets resurrected) or if it gets silenced. Keep in mind that it keeps any ATK and HP buffs before being resurrected.


This is very useful, especially on cards like Frisk or Omega Flowey, who can't be Silenced. A 2nd Frisk will also be added to your deck. It can also be useful on a Taunt monster, as it makes them work like Rock. (This doesn't work with Lemon Bread, though.) It also works well with cards that have either a lot of health (Greater Dog or MTT Fountain), a powerful passive effect (Sans or Golden Flowers), or has a good dust effect (Flowey, Asriel Dreemurr, Mettaton NEO, or even Snow Poff) as it will activate once for the first death and once for the second.


  • If Another Chance is used on The Heroine, instead of dying when its at 2/2, it will become 0/1, giving The Heroine 6 lives instead of 5.

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