Annoying Dog (Pre Alpha 2.7)

Pre Alpha 2.7

Current Version can be found here. For the Previous Versions of the Dog Residue, click here.

Annoying Dog (Alpha 2.7)

Post Alpha 2.7

The Annoying Dog went through a few changes early on, but then stayed the same. The changes that it got were all buffs.

Screenshot 107

Post Alpha 3.2

It started out with 2/2 for 3G. Alpha 2.7 reduced its cost to 2G and Alpha 3.2 buffed its ATK to 3, making it 3/2 for 2G, which is its current state.

April Fools' Day 2017 showed 2 Super colored cards of the Annoying Dog, an orange and a blue one. This might be refrencing the orange and blue attacks from Undertale.


Annoying Dog alt

Super Colored Dog 1


  • 2 (Pre Alpha 3.2)
  • 3 (Post Alpha 3.2, Current)

HP: 2


  • 3 (Pre Alpha 2.7)
  • 2 (Post Alpha 2.7, Current)

Ability: Battlecry/Enter/Magic: Add a Dog Residue to the enemy's hand.

Rarity: Blue (Rare)

Annoying Dog alt 2

Super Colored Dog 2

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