Previous Versions of the Annoying Dog can be found here. Previous Versions of the Dog Residue can be found here.
Card Skin (Annoying Dog)

Cute and Annoying

The Annoying Dog is a cheap monster card good for initial attacks in early game. It is particularly useful for Integrity decks.

A typical tactic is to wait until the opponent has 6 in their hand and then you use the Annoying Dog to add the Dog Residue, giving them the 7th card. Since their hand will be full they will lose the card they draw on their next turn. You can combine this with the River Person to make sure that combo works.

The dog residue also works well if the opponent has Golden Flowers on their field. Because, if you don't attack the residue, they will have to get kill it on their own turn. Causing it to go back in their hand.
Dog Residue (Beta 7.5)
You can also use this when they have 7 cards in their hand in order to waste the ability. This can be something you can do if you suspect the opponent having a Rush Deck and/or is using Bravery. It's not recommended to play this by itself against Justice.

Card Skin: Cute and Annoying