Post Beta 11.0

Current Version can be found here.

Acceleration (Beta 12.1)

Post Beta 12.1

Acceleration, Bravery's 2nd Epic Spell was added in Beta 11.0, and got its first change in Beta 12.1, alongside Patience's Brain Freeze. And like Brain Freeze, its a drop in cost. Here, to 1G.

Beta 20.2 updated its effect, because it didn't properly shuffle your cards. So while it was shown in the patch notes as a rebalance, it classifies more as a bug fix. It shares this change with Trash Tornado.


SOUL Type: Bravery


  • 2 (Post Beta 11.0)
  • 1 (Post Beta 12.1, Current)

Effect: Return your hand to your deck and draw 4 cards.

Rarity: Purple (Epic)